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A range of high performance flame retardant additives that can be mixed with established water based emulsion paint systems to upgrade fire retardant properties. Suitable for flammable and non flammable substrates.

With both BS476 parts 6-7 and EN13501-1 the substrate and substrate preparation must be specified by the entity putting forward the test as it is system test.

In simple terms it is easy to divide the substrates in to Non-Flammable and Flammable Substrates and the table below shows typical substrate preparations for the tests.

EN13501-1 test

BS476 test

Flammable Substrates (DM875)
Particle Board: Chipboard / Plywood
Plaster Board previously coated with multiple coats of Solvent based paint (typically 10-14 coats)
Non-Flammable Substrate (FR-DB4)
Virgin Plaster Board
Plaster Board previously coated with multiple coats of water based paint (typically 10-14 coats)

Datasheets (FR-DB4)